We’ve been upgrading!  So we’re sorry if we knocked you offline….

Here’s a voucher for a week of free access.


Free Voucher Giveaway – Cyber Monday

The free voucher that we gave away from Thanksgiving has now expired.  We were glad to see that some of you were able to use it.

We’ve decided to give away another free voucher for Cyber Monday.

Here it is:



This one is good for a full week of access!  The timer begins after the first user activates it.

Coming soon to Tucson…… Free Wi-Fi!

  • In our opinion, internet access is becoming an essential service, much like water and electricity.
  • We intend to provide basic free access to the internet as a service to the community.
  • We are building our own Wi-Fi network in Tucson.
  • We intend to standardize Wi-Fi access for Tucsonans to provide seamless and simple access to all.