About Us

Tucson Free Wi-Fi was created to provide something we all can use and enjoy. Internet access is becoming a necessary utility, much like water, gas and electricity.  We feel that many households, given the choice between phone, premium TV or Internet service would choose Internet service. While the price of computers and Wi-Fi enabled devices continues to fall, the cost of Internet service does not.

Many homes no longer have land line service because the mobile phone does much more than the home phone does and can be used outside of the home. Why should your internet service be any different? Tucson Free Wi-Fi would like to help ease the financial burden of connecting people to the internet and help build a bridge across the digital divide. While we offer basic service for free, we would like to see members of the community donate to our cause by selecting some of our premium offerings.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. If you have any suggestions or would like to make a contribution please contact us by leaving us a comment below.

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